The girls referred to The Country Care Children’s Home are aged between ten and seventeen and may be of either gender and of varying ethnic backgrounds. Every opportunity is afforded to make them feel safe and accepted. The Country Care Children’s Home has a positive anti-discriminatory policy, reflected and reinforced both in our recruitment and training of staff and our treatment of the girls and in the way that we expect them to treat others.

Girls referred to us may have experienced:

  • Disruption within their birth families and possible breakdown of relationships.
  • A history of abuse, e.g. neglect, sexual, physical, emotional, Trauma, PTSD, attachment issues and disorders.
  • Various placement breakdowns, often numerous, which may include adoption, fostering, children’s homes and residential schools.
  • Difficulties in attending and or achieving at school.
  • Possible involvement in delinquent behaviour.

All referrals are considered on an individual basis. An assessment is made of the individual’s needs, and our abilities to meet these needs, given the needs of the group in placement. Whilst we are non-judgmental about circumstances/histories that have led to behaviour, it is unlikely that we would accept referrals where there is a history of perpetrating sexual abuse, arson, extremes of aggression and violence.

The length of placement should be discussed at referral and will be jointly reviewed throughout the stay. Although we will accept short-term placements our preference is for a placement of at least six months to enable us to effect planned change.

The referral will normally be involved in the decision to place them at The Country Care Children’s Home, as should their family where this is appropriate. We are committed to partnership working.

Usually a programme of introduction to The Country Care Children’s Home will be set in place and although we are able to take a referral at short notice this will not be the norm. It is desirable that the referrals family should be involved with this process.

Referrals for Transgender young people are welcomed and the same matching process will be followed.