Independent Life Skills

Independence skills are of paramount importance when preparing the girls for leaving care.  Our programme of independent life skills are not only included within the day to day structure of the home but are also incorporated into the School day with certified qualifications covering aspects of Independence ranging from Preparation For Working Life, Home Economics to Personal and Social Education.  These vocational courses are offered at ability levels ranging from Entry Level 1 up to Level 2 GCSE (A*-C) Level (Certified Units tab). 

As part of learning to take care of themselves the girls all have to do domestic duties as part of their daily routine.  These are tailored to the individual age and ability level and range from cleaning tasks to taking care with food hygiene and domestic chores.  The girls are supported to take more and more responsibility for looking after themselves as they get closer to moving into independence.  They are encouraged to do their own washing, budget their toiletries and clothing allowances, open a bank account and start saving for their future.

Opportunities to learn about working life are encouraged with volunteer work, work experience and part-time jobs are available when the girls are ready to embrace them. We offer several GCSE courses within the school that could lead to career pathways such as Health and Social Care, Child Development, Economics and Law.  We work closely with the local careers service to encourage the girls to explore their future choices and continue to further education or working life.

We aim to give the girls a holistic education, appropriate life skills and a range of coping mechanisms to make their transition into independent life smoother and to prepare them to become positive, constructive members of society.

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